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We are proud to be leaders in design, manufacturing and customization of monitoring systems across the country.

With the dwindling availability of direct wire and the rapid growth in data transmission technology, ESC's monitoring systems have evolved and are now using the most advanced technology complete with high security VPN's and active static type signal reporting systems.  Many Fire Departments are promoting the use of ESC’s Series 8240, the most versatile ULC Listed alarm monitoring system in Canada.

There are a couple of uniquely different examples of how the ESC Series 8000 is being used to protect lives and property in different Canadian municipalities today.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario’s mid-north has always monitored fire alarm systems in public buildings. In the early 80’s, a Series 5000 Direct Wire (Class A) system was installed and performed admirably for two decades. Over time, the Class A signal channels became problematic resulting in unnecessary dispatches. The monitoring system was then upgraded to a Series 8000 Data system. False dispatches caused by line faults ceased, with a very measurable saving in manpower and expense.



Due to its colourful history and the role it played in opening Canada’s west, Dawson City is primarily a tourist attraction and in fact the City could be considered as one large museum. Protecting the heritage buildings required upgrades in fire alarm systems as well as the installation of a fast and ultra-dependable Fire Alarm Monitoring system. The ESC Series 8000 was chosen because of its ability to send high speed signals to the proprietary monitoring centre over existing signal channels.


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