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Field Hardware

Alarm Transmitters & Multi-Port Hubs

The communication system consists of two ESC product lines – Alarm Transmitters and Multi-port Hubs. The transmitters are considered to be field devices as they are typically installed in buildings that occupy a site or sites. The distances between buildings or sites is not a factor in the overall system design as communication protocols including FSK and RS232 Serial, and are selectable at both the transmitter and hub level. The Multi Port Hub is typically located at the central station.

The Model 8240 Transmitter is used primarily as a Fire Alarm Panel monitor, transmitting any status change (Fire, Supervisory, Trouble) as well as other vital conditions relating to power failure, over/under temperature and equipment failure. 

The ESC 8050 series of multi-port hubs are used extensively as data gathering centres, usually located on a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in one or more strategic locations. Installed 8240 Transmitters are connected to a hub which in turn communicates with the 8100 Receiver. The 8050 series is comprised of 24 twenty-four port hub, 19” rack mount.

See how the system components are designed to work together in a typical Proprietary Multi-building, Multi-site system. For a comprehensive, complete system line drawing, click here.

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