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ESC is first out of the gate with a listed “active” system for Fire Monitoring under the new ULC equipment standard.

ESC has successfully completed the ULC investigation of the Series 8000 Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Supervisory equipment package under Standard CAN/ULC-S559-04.

On May 1st, 2006, Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada completed their investigation of ESC’s Model 8240 Transmitter, the Model 8050-24 Hub, the Model 8100 Receiver and the Model 8180 Power Supply “with acceptable results”.   The investigation was based on the requirements set out in the new product standard CAN/ULC-S559-04, Equipment for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems.

This equipment, grouped together as the Series 8000 is an “Active” system, and is suitable for use in Central Station, Remote Station and Proprietary Station environments.  It also meets the requirements of ULC’s recently published standard CAN/ULC-S561-03, Installation and Services for Fire Signal Receiving Centres and Systems.

ESC’s original file number, S7505 now includes the equipment’s acceptance under S559.

Existing Model 8240 Transmitters, Rev.D and Rev.E, are included in this listing, as are the Model 8050-24 , 8050-12 and 8050-6 Hub units. 


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