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Fast, trouble–free field replacement

In 2004, ESC redesigned the enclosure for the 8240 fire/sprinkler transmitter to be a direct replacement for the Secutron model 850 and 2800. The positioning of the conduit knockouts and the mounting holes is identical for both products to ensure fast and trouble-free replacement in the field. The ESC 8240CMS enclosure contains the 8240 chassis, built-in replaceable transformer and space for either a 12V 4Ah or a 12V 7Ah battery. Ample room is provided for the field wiring for eight zone inputs. The 8240 CMS can be mounted vertically (door opens to the right) or horizontally (door opens down) depending on the orientation of the panel being replaced.

Upgrades in Proprietary Communication Network

Major improvements have been made to ESC’s line of hub devices. Our twenty-four port Hub, Model 8050-24 now features a deeper back box to house the 12V 7Ah battery. At the same time ESC has added enhanced circuitry to monitor “AC Fail” and “Low Battery” conditions at the Hub level. These conditions are now reported as to the monitoring centre as separate conditions. This is a rack-mounted unit and can connect to other hubs in a “Daisy-Chain” configuration with one output to the EMS automated dispatch system.

For locations were the twenty-four port Hub would be under-utilized, ESC now offers six- and twelve-port Hubs, models 8050-6 and 8050-12 respectively. Each Hub features a built-in power supply, transformer and a key-locked enclosure. These new Hub’s are addressed and communicate their individual power status along with field device information to the receiver. The operator now has full knowledge of all field alarm, trouble and supervisory activity relating to the monitoring system.

Improved SOP Data Base

The ESC 8300 Event Monitoring System (EMS) software is often customized to our clients’ particular needs. Some modifications are suitable for all users and are incorporated as an across-the-board upgrade. The latest such change allows for up to 500KB of information to be assigned to each Standing Operational Procedure (SOP) that can be assigned to each zone input on every field transmitter connected to one receiver.

…and Coming Up:

  • Intelligent Fire Panels Communicate Through the Model 8240

A new Data Input Module will interface with serial outputs from intelligent fire alarm control panels and will send the specific Alarm, Supervisory or Trouble zone location information to the EMS. This information will be downloaded at the request of the operator, after receiving a status change from the fire panel.

  • Conventional Multi-output Fire Panel No Problem for the 8240

The Model 8240 will have a 24-input expander board that can be retro-fitted into any existing chassis to provide a total of more than thirty separately identifiable zones in one transmitter unit.

  • New Card Adds Operator Control of Remote Equipment

Remote “turn on” of Fire Pumps and other vital control functions will be available to the IMS operator through a new 8-zone I/O expander card which features eight Form-C programmable relays. Any of the remote eight relays can be instantly turned on in response to alarm information received at the EMS centre.

  • Event Monitoring System (EMS) Scheduled for Overhaul
The current EMS software package will change to an open concept allowing the client to customize the operator interface. This change reflects the need for greater flexibility in monitoring requirements that vary from client to client. When the EMS revision is completed, many monitoring functions will be adaptable to the client’s requirements, including:
  • The mapping of the controls in the field showing building position relative to the site, building layout and device location.
  • User customization of the graphic interface,
  • Selecting and displaying live video feeds from security cameras through the field installed Model 8240CMS.
  • Wireless connection to laptops in emergency vehicles.
  • Management of vehicle assignments.


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