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Since 1992, Electronic Surveillance Corporation has supplied Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring systems to Canadian Forces Bases coast to coast. ESC continues to meet the challenge of matching innovative design to the individual requirements of our military centres. CFB Fire Departments and Military Police Centres have both taken advantage of ESC’s ability to upgrade problematic communication pathways, automate response and train system users quickly and effectively. Our product is 100% Canadian in its design, assembly and software creation.

CFB Cold Lake in the northern regions of Alberta is one of ESC’s first system installations. Extremely low temperatures presented a unique problem and our electronic controls were designed to function flawlessly at temperatures falling below -40°C. Existing metallic signal channels were upgraded with the addition of ESC’s rugged multi-port bridges allowing an increase of signaling speed to 4800 bps. Answering many other such challenges keeps ESC at the forefront of proprietary system design and implementation.

CFB Petawawa has recently upgraded the Fire Alarm Monitoring system by taking advantage of ESC’s latest transmitter enclosure design. Obsolete panels were removed and replaced with new data-transmitting ESC Model 8240 units whose enclosure mimicked the original such that existing conduits and raceways did not have to be disturbed. Installation time was dramatically reduced which was reflected in the overall system cost. The Event Management System (EMS) has unique features including a dual touch screen in the Base Fire Hall.

CFB Halifax immediately preceded the Petawawa Project. More than 270 obsolete fire alarm transmitters were replaced with Model 8240 units under the highly-competent direction of the system vendor D&L Engineering, Halifax, (see links) at an astounding rate of 20 conversions per day. Defective communication pathways were made workable with ESC’s multi-port Hub units in various configurations, functioning as multiplexing concentrators throughout the site. The stand alone site, CFAD, is linked via an ESC Hub unit to the CFB Halifax Fire Department.

CFB Shearwater followed closely behind the CFB Halifax project. This Search and Rescue centre experienced the same upgrade of its Fire Alarm Monitoring System, again under the direction of D&L Engineering. Ignoring many setbacks including paralyzing winter storms, the entire system including the monitoring centre was converted in less than five weeks. As in the CFB Halifax experience, two 2-man crews completed and average of 20 system conversions per day. Once again it was proven that twisted copper lines or fibre optic channels are no problem whatsoever for ESC’s multi-modem long distance concentrators.

CFB Gander utilizes ESC Series 7000 (Security) and Series 8000 (Fire) monitoring systems. Remote facilities in distant communities are connected to the base via DVAC® lines. On the base itself, systems signal over twisted pair (copper). All signals are received at the Military Police office. The ESC Model 8100 Receiver handles both types of signaling media and presents complete status information to the MP operator. Fire alarm signals from the base are automatically repeated to the Municipality of Gander Fire Department. Service to all systems is provided by Electronic Systems Group (ESG) in St. John’s.

CFB Esquimalt was our first Fire Alarm Monitoring system to be installed in a National Defense facility. The ESC Model 8100 Receiver is located in the base fire hall. The ESC fire alarm transmitter, Model 8240 is also used for monitoring lift stations, fuel leak sensors and contamination stations. Remote facilities including CFMETR, Rocky Point and Camp Nanaimo each have an ESC monitoring system for security, fire or both. Service to the systems is provided by base personnel. Consideration is being given to the monitoring of shipboard fire alarm systems by means of a dockside connection facility. When implemented, ships visiting ports on either Canadian coast will be able to make use of the ESC monitoring system.

The ESC Series 8000 system installation at CFB Edmonton was completed in late 2006 and is the first sight to install the new version of ESC Series 8000 recently re-listed under the new ULC product standard S559. As a Siemens project, the Series 8000 incorporated a communication breakthrough by transporting MXL zone and device information to the Base Fire Department, allowing dispatchers to pinpoint the origin of an alarm signal within a building.  In one case, a building exceeding a  million square feet in size is zoned such that the MXL/8000 system identifies a device within  ten feet of its actual location.  ESC also introduced the Model  8424 transmitter, a twenty-four zone device with updated 2-digit front panel display.

Protecting the immense hangars housing the Aurora surveillance aircraft as well as SAR helicopters, the ESC Model 8240 transmitters allow the monitoring staff to control the activation of five Fire Pump houses located in close proximity to these hangars.  The new system incorporates many new dispatch features including “Geo-marker” which places icons representing out-of-service hydrants, road closures, burn permits etc., directly on the base map allowing dispatchers automatic updates as part of the  dispatch screen. This is a D&L Engineering Project, consisting of 91 protected premises. Installation of the system was successfully completed within three weeks.

CFB Trenton installed an ESC Series 8000 system in early 2007.  This is the first CFB facility to make use of the system’s ability to download dispatch information to mobile computers in response vehicles. One hundred and three buildings are monitored in this Siemens project, which was successfully completed in less than four weeks.

D&L Engineering designed an ESC Series 8000 system for CFB Gagetown and will begin installation when construction of the signaling infrastructure is complete.



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