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The model 3800 Leakage Detector is a safety device that is intended to be installed in electric vehicles including trolley busses, cable trams and electric train sets. The purpose of the 3800 Leakage Detector is to alert the operator if the body of the coach has become electrically charged to a dangerous level due to the fact that the integrity of the double insulation requirement of the vehicle has been compromised. To do this, the leakage detector monitors the voltage that may exist between the coach body and earth ground. A precautionary level of detection is also provided to monitor the voltage that may exist on the isolated ground of a double insulated vehicle.

  • The Model ESC 3800 can be used in new or upgrade installations.
  • It is the electrical replacement for ESC models 4804, 3614 and 3624

ESC Model 3800 units have been incorporated into hundreds of electrical propulsion vehicles, primarily trolleys and tram-type, throughout the world. The major vehicle manufacturers have adopted our detector as part of the vehicle’s safety system.

The characteristics of the electrical supply system for public transit vehicles varies from city to city. Voltage levels vary. In some cases, the vehicles when braking, return power to the grid. Environmental conditions involving moisture, dust etc. will have an effect on leakage sensitivity. In some cases, operational parameters within the unit are changed to suit the individual requirements. As the manufacturer designs and builds the vehicle, ESC works hand in hand to ensure optimum performance of the 3800 Leakage Detector.

Shown here is a composite picture of a typical installation of the 3800-2 Control Module in a vehicle. In this case the Module (inset), is located in the electrical control enclosure immediately behind the operator’s seat The 3800-1 High Voltage Module is located on the roof of the vehicle in close proximity to the power poles and power inverter unit. If a “Level 1” voltage leak is sensed on the vehicle chassis with respect to ground, the driver receives an audible warning prompting him to take remedial action. If the leakage is more severe, the system will automatically disconnect the poles from the overhead power source.Photo courtesy ILPAP, Athens, Greece.

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