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ESC welcomes you to take a look at some of the projects that involve our product line. Simply click on any of the three categories described for you below.

Projects - Military Projects - Military

Since the late ‘80’s, ESC has designed and implemented security and fire monitoring systems on several Canadian Forces Bases (CFB) from coast to coast. For obvious reasons we cannot go into specific detail describing the system applications or the many features that are unique to each site. What we can tell you is that our clients agree that our system technology and architecture makes ESC an industry leader in providing rugged, intelligent systems at moderate cost. Click on the crest, come for a tour!

Projects - Municipal

Projects - Municipal ESC’s focus since its inception in 1972, has been the protection of life and property by providing leading technology in the field of alarm signaling. The private sector Monitoring Stations as well as the municipal fire departments took advantage of ESC signaling systems in order to provide the best alarm transmission and receiving service for their clients and their community. ESC continues to develop alarm monitoring and dispatch software that provides the maximum of premises information for any fire alarm incident. Click on the fire and visit some of our Fire Departments.

Projects - Leakage Detector

Projects - Leakage Detector Very early in ESC’s history, we were asked to design a device that could detect a voltage leak to ground that could develop in the electrical propulsion system of a trolley-type conveyance. The Model 3800 has been installed on several hundred public transit vehicles around the world, preventing death or injury from electric shock It is an interesting story. Click on the trolley and check it out.



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