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Event Management (EM) Centre–
Interactive Fire Alarm Monitoring Package

Upgrade your alarm monitoring and dispatch centre with ESC’s Event Management Software Package.

  • Versatile graphic import capabilities
  • Remote control of utility functions such as Fire Pumps
  • Receive detailed Fire Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble zone information from addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • In graphics - Site maps, Hydrant locations, Building floor plans, Shutoffs, Panels
  • In text – HAZMAT information, SOP’s, vehicle assignment, mobile data terminals
  • MS based, SQL Database engine

Originally built to a military spec, ESC’s EM Centre monitoring software has one major advantage over the competition. The operator is totally interactive with field devices from his EM Centre workstation. All other systems of this type require operator attention to a rack-mounted Receiver in order to download any functional changes to field devices. Unlike any other alarm signal receiver, ESC’s Model 8100 is in fact a data router that not only receives alarm information from the field transmitters, but also transports commands from the EM Centre operator out to these very devices in order to turn on local apparatus such as fire pumps.

  • View or print the ESC 8100 Receiver cut sheet. click here

Field Hardware
Alarm Transmitters & Multi-port Hubs

The most successful alarm communication system in Canada consists of two ESC product lines – Alarm Transmitters and Multi-port Hubs. These are considered to be field devices as they are typically installed in buildings that occupy a site or sites. Distances between buildings or sites is not a factor in the overall system design as communication protocols including FSK and RS232 Serial, are selectable at both the transmitter and hub level.

  • The Model 8240 Transmitter is used primarily as a Fire Alarm Panel monitor, transmitting any status change (Fire, Supervisory, Trouble) as well as other vital conditions relating to power failure, over/under temperature and equipment failure. Be sure to check out What’s New with the 8240.
  • The ESC 8050 series of multi-port hubs are used extensively as data gathering centres, usually located on a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in one or more strategic locations on a site. Locally installed 8240 Transmitters are connected to a hub which in turn communicates with the 8100 Receiver. The 8050 series is comprised of :

  • 8050-6 six-port hub, panel enclosure
  • 8050-12 twelve port hub, panel enclosure
  • 8050-24 twenty-four port hub, 19” rack mount

See how the system components are designed to work together in a typical Proprietary Multi-building, Multi-site system. For a comprehensive, complete system line drawing, click here.

Series 7000 – The Security Monitoring System that has no rival.

During the early 90’s ESC began to design a security monitoring system following a Canadian government specification which incorporated certain functions as yet not available in the current offerings of Monitoring Station Alarm Transmitters. Not the least of these requirements was the ability of the monitoring operator to send commands directly to the field-installed transmitter in order to change pass cards, bypass protections, arm and disarm the system. Normally, these operations would be executed downstream of the operator’s work station, usually at the signal receiving interface, commonly referred to as the Receiver. ESC’s success in producing a complete system from transmitter to monitoring software meant that the ESC work station was the user interface, not the receiver. The series 7000 has been installed in many sites across the country. For further information on this product line, please contact us.

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