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About Us

First, a little history…

Electronic Surveillance Corporation was incorporated October 1972 as a manufacturer of burglar and fire alarm equipment, including transmitters for use in the fast growing Monitoring Station market.

One of our first products was a photoelectric beam for use in burglar alarm systems. This beam consisted of a transmitter and receiver that were ULC listed at 500 feet between units. The transmitter produced invisible pulsed infra-red light, optically focussed into a narrow beam. The receiver responded to the specific pulse frequency and reacted to any other beam of light (e.g. use of a flashlight in a compromise attempt) yet was unaffected by direct sunlight.

At the time, burglar alarm transmitters consisted of a code wheel movement device connected to a McCulloh Loop as the signaling medium (see Articles – “A Brief History…”.) In a technological leap forward, ESC designed and produced an electronic version of the “code transmitter” as it was called, and added the capability of multiple zones along with the feature of User I.D. This 15-zone transmitter was known as the Senior SST (Solid State Transmitter) and was acknowledged as the most advanced electronics-based control / transmitter to be offered to the Central Station market.

ESC was the first Canadian (and perhaps North American) manufacturer of burglar alarm equipment to incorporate the Integrated Circuit and the LED.

The Company’s next step was the design and manufacture of alarm receiving equipment. ESC’s two offerings were referred to as the McCulloh Loop and Direct Wire receiving systems. Over the next twenty years, more than two hundred monitoring centres including ULC-listed Central Stations, proprietary systems and fire departments adopted the ESC approach to alarm monitoring.

ESC was and still is recognized as the industry leader in the development of signal channel security, a vital component in life safety systems. The Company has designed and produced multiplexing devices and modems that transport signals of any type, from simple pulsed DC to encrypted data.

…and more recently…

Automation of signals received at a monitoring centre became the Company’s focus in the early ’80s, and alarm-handling software that increases efficiency and accuracy of dispatch routines is now a vital part of the new Event Management System. (EMS) software.

ESC is the only vendor of alarm monitoring systems in which the operator is fully interactive with the field devices directly from the operating computer . Program changes in the field-installed transmitters can be made from the operators position, eliminating the necessity to move to a specific receiver or line card to make such changes or updates.

ESC has also designed and patented a device that detects a failure in the electric propulsion systems in public conveyances. The Model 3800 Leakage Detector renders the conveyance inoperative if it detects a voltage potential on the chassis of the vehicle. This situation presents a danger to passengers stepping down from the vehicle as they would provide a ground path for this voltage potential.

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Gordon Duggan

VP Operations



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